Which Rivers?


Where Will We Place Barriers?

To achieve the biggest impact and be as effective as possible, we are focused on stopping the most polluted rivers in the world. Extensive research by The Ocean Cleanup helped to identify 1,000 rivers which are contributing more than 80% of all ocean pollution. Unfortunately, many of these rivers are located in nations which have under-funded environmental programs and a lack of resources combined with huge populations that use high volumes of single-use plastics.


Indonesia (98) Singapore (1) Malaysia (81) Philipines (438) Thailand (42) Cambodia (2) Vietnam (60) Myanmar (66) Brunei (1)



Jamica (3) Haiti (24) Mexico (3) Dominican Republic (8) Belize (1) Guatemala (16) El Salvador (1) Honduras (5) Nicaragua (4) Costa Rica (1) Panama (7)


Venezuela (11) Trinidad & Tobago (8) Brazil (70) Ecuador (3) Argentina (6) Uruguay (4) Guyana (2) Suriname (2)


Morocco (6) Algeria (14) Tunisia (3) Libya (2) 

Egypt (5) Turkey (24)   

Our First Location: Indonesia

The beautiful islands of Indonesia are rich in culture, home to unique culinary delights, beautiful mountains and sadly many of the 1,000 worst rivers. We have begun our mission here, starting with three of the most polluted rivers in Padang, where over a million people reside. 

Where To Next?

Right now we are focused on perfecting our barrier circular model, when we are ready to scale we will first seek to expand to surrounding nations with input from our community. The highly polluting nations such as India, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam urgently need to be addressed and will be among our top priorities. To complete our mission, we will need venture to almost every single continent on the planet including nations such as Brazil, Morocco and Haiti.