$POC has migrated to SeaChain

Please add the following Token Address To Your Wallet, we sent an equal amount of $SEACH to all $POC holders

Pangea Ocean Cleanup has evolved into SeaChain. The new name represents our long term mission that leverages the blockchain. We’ve also used this as an opportunity to make some major improvements to the contract, add a plethora of new features and provide more benefits for holders. The SeaChain Contract has been developed by an experienced blockchain developer who specializes in the Binance Smart Chain and has been audited by HashEx.

SeaChain Introduces A Fully Decentralised Ocean Pollution Solution Powered By BlockChain

SeaChain is funding trash barriers in the most polluted rivers, with a goal to build a sustainable blockchain network which will provide transparent verification solutions for the plastic economy supply chain.

The Migration Process

The migration took place in Sep 20th 2021 with a Snapshot of the holders of Pangea Ocean Cleanup. This snapshot was used to distribute the new SeaChain token to $POC holders with a ratio of 1:1, meaning for every 1 $POC Token you had you were sent 1 SeaChain Token.

If you had $POC tokens in Probit Exchange, you had to transfer them to a Smart Chain Wallet by the 17th of September 2021 as it was promptly communicated in order to be guaranteed to be included in the Snapshot.

If you miss the deadline or experienced any issues, you have to request a manual migration via this form.

Benefits Of SeaChain

Community Governance

SeaChain will employ multi-layered governance where holders can make proposals, vote on decisions, elect core members and decide how to use funds in the community wallet.

A Long Term Mission Built For Blockchain

SeaChain is still focused on an immediate solution to this crisis by funding river barriers. However the long-term vision will see the development of a green-blockchain network that offers solutions for the plastic economy, such as tracking plastic to verifying the authenticity of recycled materials and measuring impact for the awarding of plastic credits.

Airdrop Campaign Of 10 Billion Tokens (1%)

To reward loyal holders and encourage new token holders, as part of the launch campaign we’ve allocated a total of 10 Billion SeaChain Tokens (1% of the Supply) to be distributed to holders across several stages after the migration. The first airdrop will take place on the launch of the SeaChain contract and is only eligible to those migrated from $POC.

Token Burn Increase To 50% Of Total Supply

As our funding model is now automatic, we no longer need to hold a significant number of tokens. So we have decided to increase the burned amount to 40% on launch and a further 10% is marked for future burns.

Launching On ApeSwap

$POC is currently available only on PancakeSwap which does not provide any benefits or assistance to our growth. SeaChain will be launching on ApeSwap, a leading DEX with over 1 million monthly visitors. ApeSwap’s team is offering several support activities for SeaChain following the launch. We will be promoted heavily within their large community which boasts more than 400,000 people across their platforms.

Improved Barrier, Marketing & Operations Funding Model

The current $POC contract (as stated in the white-paper) requires the manual selling of tokens in order to fund our mission of installing river barriers. With SeaChain, this process has been significantly improved with funding coming from an automatic fee as part of the 10% that will be deposited into a designated wallet which is public. This is will reduce impact on the token price and encourage us to focus on increasing the trading volume.

Extensive Launch Campaign

Just like the initial launch of Pangea Ocean Cleanup, we are planning an extensive launch campaign for SeaChain which will benefit from new coin hype. Our strategy includes several influencers, press/media coverage, digital advertising across high traffic platforms & the use of several growth strategies designed to create major awareness of our project within crypto communities. 

Launching Soon

For the full details on SeaChain be sure to visit the SeaChain website